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Posted August 18, 2014  |  Categories: Scare Culture

Toronto Zombie Walk rises again

Written by: Paul Silliphant

On October 25th 2014 the dead will inherit the streets once again for the 12th annual Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade!  Corpses and cadavers alike will converge on Nathan Phillips Square for a full one-day festival with Halloween vendors, live entertainment and a walk that attracts more than 10,000 participants.

Zombie Poster copyAccording to Thea Munster (Event Founder) the Walk was unearthed from her love of horror. “The other thing was at the time I felt that even Halloween had become watered down with funny and cute costumes. I really craved that feeling of Halloween from when I was a kid, when things were scary. Also, the traditional roots of Samhain when the veil to the world of the dead would become thin, and it was a time to  communicate with  relatives from the other side, as well as face your nightmares. I thought it would be really scary (and exciting) to gather a group of the dead and  shamble through quiet neighborhoods moaning and dragging severed limbs. Well, it may not seem like it now, but the first walks were scary. People would lock their doors and close their blinds, a couple people actually ran from us. Nobody knew what was going on. But we were thrilled, it was so fun!!”

10546729565_aa9a7753c1_bSponsors include Fee Fi Fo Fun, Harlequin Teen (Who will be giving away the latest book in the series “Alice In Zombieland”), Creeped Out Canada, and Nerf. Creeped Out Canada will be supplying blood for the zombie carwash as well as sponsoring a booth where anyone can stop by and get “bloodied” up. Nerf Zombie Strike will be creating a Midway at Nathan Phillips Square where zombies and other Halloween Paraders can try out Zombie Strike products and win prizes. Event organizer Thea Munster told us “Since we are a pro zombie event we wanted to do something carnival themed that zombies could partake in, rather than it being survival themed. Zombies want to have some fun too!”

Some of the returning vendors include: Fee Fi Fo Fun, Revenant FX, Creeped Out Canada, Books of the Dead Press, Theatrix Costume House, Cakes Cove as well as Zomcom, Gloommatter/Night Memory, Puff’n’Stuff, The Chocolate House, Sweet Gluten Freedom, The Mystical Spirit. The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade is now accepting applications for new vendors at our Zombie Market. Limited spots are available they will be choosing vendors who fit a Halloween, Horror or Zombie Theme.

Toronto’s own Punk/Psychobilly band The Creepshow will be performing at Nathan Phillips square to get the body parts moving.

10546689555_14e9ba0894_zThis year the parade is looking for Monsters to form collectives and groups to enter the parade component of the event! Marching monsters, walking monsters, dancing one-eyed tentacle monsters, werewolves on wheels, mummies with instruments, vampires who glide, swamp things that ooze, monsters who stomp, alien invaders with brains, and of course, zombies who just want to EAT BRAINS! They want creatures of all kinds to Join the Horde…
email for more information!

10525067034_1c7233f15f_bWhat do you do after a long day of being one of the undead? You Party of course! This years After Party will be held at The hard Rock Cafe and have special menu for families in the restaurant and a 19+ event upstairs starting at 9PM.

Registration for the walk will be online soon, it’s voluntary but those who do have a chance to win some fiendtastic prizes!

For more information go to: or check out the Facebook Page

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